Milahomes has two very exclusive homes, called Mijahome and Lisahome, and a very spacious standard home called Olivahome.

All three houses in a beautiful location have spacious terrace(s) so that you can fully enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea.

Mijahome and Lisahome, if desired, are very suitable in this time of corona to be able to “work from home” from this holiday address!

Lisahome in combination with Olivahome, which are connected to each other, is ideal for families or adult groups of 5-6 people to enjoy an active and relaxing holiday on this wonderful island.

Very exclusive and modern furnished Lisahome and Olivahome can also be rented together for a large family (5-6 people) or for two smaller families for a maximum of 5-6 people.

For a description of these exclusive apartments – which can be rented together – please refer to the respective Lisahome and Olivahome pages on this site.