About Lošinj Island

Holiday on Lošinj Island

Lošinj island is in the northern part of Kvarner Bay, and is connected to its neighbouring island of Cres via a small bridge. A drive across the island from north to south takes only 30 minutes. The north of the island is mountainous and wonderfully green. The middle area of Lošinj is much flatter, though the woodland persists, making it an excellent spot for mountain biking or hiking. The south is the most beautiful region, making it the most touristy as well. Here, at the far-end of the five metres deep bay of Mali Lošinj, you can find the beautiful city of Mali Lošinj.

Island Activities

Lošinj is a nature lover’s paradise. Its endless beaches and deep-blue bays make it eminently suitable for a beachside vacation. But… it is difficult to sit still on this island. There is enough to see, taste, smell, and do. We would love to give you our recommendations. Across the entire island, cycling and walking, paths snake through the fragrant environment, leading past small towns with long and interesting histories. While walking the beach, the sea is guaranteed to tempt you into taking a lovely, refreshing dive. There are numerous boat rental opportunities, allowing you to admire the island’s beauty from the water. There is sailing, surfing, water-skiing, sports fishing, scuba-diving… And you might even spot some of the dolphins which like to swim off of the coast. That is why the waters around the island have also been designated a dolphin reservation.

Lošinj Spa: ‘Health Island’ or ‘Vitality Island’

There is no island in the Mediterranean Sea that is as abundantly grown with fragrant herbs as Lošinj. Here, aromatherapy comes free of charge, every day. The exceptionally clear, fragrant air has a healthy effect on the airways, which is why tourists like to come to Lošinj year-round. Towards the end of the 19th century, the wealthy elite came from major cities like Budapest, Venice, and Vienna, to breathe in that healthy Lošinj sea air. A moderate climate with over 2600 hours of sun per year, clean air, and lovely seawater ensured the island’s official recognition as a Mediterranean spa 1892. People with allergies or airway issues find Lošinj a particularly good place for treatment. The island’s reputation of ‘health island’ or ‘vitality island’ is, therefore, a well-deserved one.

How to Get to Lošinj

Naturally, it is possible to reach Lošinj from mainland Europe by car, which is what 90% of island visitors do. Drive to the towns of either Brestova or Valbinska and hop on to the ferry which will take you to the island of Cres- Lošinj in 20-25 minutes.

The island is also easily accessible by airplane. There are two airports nearby: Rijeka Airport and Pula Airport. There are various flights to these airports from many EU countries during the main season. Book on time to ensure affordable tickets. You can then rent a car to continue your trip to Lošinj and enjoy the lovely trip there. There are also buses going from Rijeka airport to Lošinj during the main season.

If you prefer to fly to Zagreb Airport, then flights are available year-round. You can either rent a car or hop on a bus at the airport – which runs twice per day and stops virtually in front on the apartment. This way, you will not need to secure a place on the ferry. It does make the continued journey into Lošinj quite a long ride, but – due to the wonderful surroundings year-round – it is more than worth the effort. But you can also take a domestic flight from Zagreb to Rijeka and then rent a car to continue to Lošinj.

In addition, various EU countries offer flights to Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia), allowing you to rent a car at the airport and then driving on to Lošinj along the Postojna.